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Feng_Shui_CrystalsiOne of the most powerful "cures" in Feng Shui is working with crystals to create  balance and harmony in your environment and in your life. This workshop will teach you about crystals to use in the Bagua for maximixing harmony and for creating prosperity and other "results" in your life. Please bring your crystals with you !
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 - A 1/2 -day Crystal Feng Shui Seminar in Clarkson, Mississauga, CANADA or at another preferred location.
Fee:  Negotiable.  On Request for groups of 4 or more. Length of workshop : 4 hours.
Some crystals will be available for sale during the workshop.

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Instructor: Karen Ryan, MLS, MBA, PMP (Cert. Aroma. Pract., Cert. Gestalt Methodology, Cert. Reiki Master -Usui, Gendai and Crystal Reiki Methods)
Karen is an international Crystal Energy Therapist, Spiritual Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, and Radionics Practitioner . Karen  has been teaching  certified crystal healing classes to hundreds for over 17 years in
Toronto, Canada. Karen has studied the healing arts under Tibetan yogis and lamas in the Far East. She has written three books and has appeared in documentary films and on live radio and TV. Her articles on crystals are available on the Internet at her home web site at or contact Karen by email at:

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