Crystal_Healing_Students Crystal Healing Certificate Classes
Level I - Using Crystals for Healing
Karen Ryan, Crystal Instructor
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"Wow, you can read about crystals  in books, but is is different when you are right there in all that  energy !" ~R.T
"One of the most powerful experiences I've ever had !" ~J.L
"I went home and started to practise on my Mom and  her backache went away completely."~M.F        
What is Crystal Energy Healing?
The healing energy of crystals has been used throughout ancient times for physical healing as well as for meditation.
Crystals and gemstones bring us spiritual healing gifts from the Mineral Kingdom. When a person’s mind or body is
in disharmony through unsettled thoughts or disease, a crystal placed on or near a person releases energy and
transforms the person to a state of balance and harmony. While there are many books about crystal healing, it is rare to
be initiated into the mysteries of crystal healing in an open workshop. Karen Ryan is a Crystal Energy Therapist who
teaches Crystal Healing from the Heart and Mind.  A certificate in the Crystal Therapy System (© K. Ryan, 2010 ) will be
awarded from  the
Crystal Alchemy Academy upon completion of all four training levels.

Level I - At the end of this workshop, you will be able to do a full body layout of crystals for specific healing of Physical Complaints,
Emotional and  Psychological Balance and Spiritiual Enhancement. Bring your own crystals or purchase them at the workshop. Lunch, materials and certificate are included.

You will learn:

Level II - While Level 1 was using crystals on the body, Level II deals with crystals around the body and creating energy networks for healing, meditation and inter-dimensional travel. Specialized crystals will be covered in detail.

    Level III - Advanced - Level III teaches you to use crystals around the body for creating energy networks, methods for intensive distance healing, 
        use of crystal tools, platonic solids for powerful healing and meditation. Includes the making of an Atlantean Crystal Headband.

    Level IV - This  course teaches the healer about esoteric uses of crystals for humanitarian purposes. Triangulation and Crystal Radionics are covered
       among other esoteric topics.

Master Instructor and Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crystals:
Karen Ryan
, MLS, MBA, PMP (Cert. Aroma. Pract., Cert. Gestalt Methodology., Usui Reiki Master, Gendai Reiki Shihan, Crystal Reiki Master).
Karen is a Crystal Energy Therapist, and  has taught certified crystal healing classes to hundreds over the past 20 years in the Toronto area. Karen  studied the healing arts under Tibetan yogis and lamas in the Far East. She has written four books including "The Complete Idiots Guide to Crystals"  and appeared in a documentary film, on “Arresting Design” (WNetwork TV), and on live radio and TV. She has been a contributor to NOW magazine (Toronto, Canada) and was featured on Spiritual Insider ( WPON Radio from Detroit, U.S). Her home web site is:

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