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A Message from Rick:
We have all heard of the lost continent of Atlantis
, a civilization with high tech innovations far in advance of any culture that ever existed. The people of this great land used rock crystal for many purposes in their daily lives. It was to be their superior power source which would also be the end of this once great empire. It has been said that the people of Atlantis were visited by alien beings from their home planet which was very near the center star of the Orion belt. These visitors to Atlantis brought with them thirteen rock crystals that were carved in the shape of human skulls. These visitors instructed the Atlantians in the many uses of rock crystal. It was used to heal the sick and diseased, as an unlimited power source and also as a weapon to defend their paradise against hostile intruders. As with any form of government, greed and the power to control led to their final destruction. Huge crystals were to be taken from mother earth and all would be well in paradise. These crystals were to be their guiding light until this great energy was converted to weapons of war and mass destruction. At this point in history, there was one land mass called Turtle island. This paradise was adrift in one body of water that covered our entire planet earth. During a power struggle, as with any one group of humans, war erupted! The power of the crystal weapons was under estimated. There was a huge explosion that would dwarf the atomic bombs of today. Atlantis would sink deep within the ocean and Turtle island would be split in many pieces.

These land masses would begin to drift apart forming the continents and oceans of today. Some of the Atlantians, fearing for their lives, took to the water in crafts before the great war. They also took with them a few of the crystal skulls their alien visitors and teachers have provided. These skulls were not a sign of death but rather one of life to all who would use this energy for wisdom and not power for self gain or greed! A few of the ancient skulls have surfaced today, but not all thirteen as of yet! It's said that in the very near future when all the skulls will surface and come together. When this happens, they will bring a very important message to all of mankind. It's also believed that modern carvings of rock crystal skulls bring important messages to their keepers. I say keepers because NO one owns a crystal skull. You may pay huge amounts of hard earned money for a modern skull, but you never OWN one as a common piece of property. A skull decides to come to you as it's keeper. You don't just pick up a skull like a loaf of bread and decide to purchase it. Just don't work that way! You will know without a doubt when a skull wants you as it's keeper. You say: How can this be? How will I know? Let me tell you that when you see a skull that is right for you, nothing in this world will stop you from being it's keeper. Remember, it's the skulls will and not yours! I may also add, that any skull that comes to you will bring with it a joy that will never grow old! Rock crystal is used in micro chips as well as the best time pieces because of the way it vibrates and can store information. Crystal skulls go way beyond this. The native Americans also know of this ancient power and energy. A remarkable energy that can heal the body and mind. A crystal skull also has the ability to show its keeper visions of the past as well as future events which are to change our lives.

Rock crystal was born deep within our earth Mother and contains all records since time began on our great planet. It works like the storage of a super computer. A keeper of the skulls can realize this information. After a skull comes to its new keeper, it must be cleansed and then programmed. To cleanse a skull, you can bury it in the earth for a few days, soak it over night in a mixture of sea salt and water or simply run clear, cool water over it for a few minutes and let the skull air dry. To program a skull, you place your hand upon it. If your right handed, you must use your left hand. Left handers, use your right hand for this purpose. The skull will be cold at first but will soon warm to your touch. As the skull warms, its becoming activated and you will soon begin to feel a real and present energy. You will begin to feel your heart beating within your palm and soon you will feel a mild electric charge enter your fingers. When this happens, the skull is now activated and ready for meditation. While holding your skull, concentrate on your needs but NOT your wants or desires! Your needs WILL be provided! For example: A need - I'm very ill and desire to be healed. A want - I would like a million dollars so I can quit work. A big difference between a want and a need!!! Since rock crystal is an energy source, it's also good to charge your skulls as often as possible. Sun light and light from a full moon works well for this charging process. I take my skulls outside and set them on the lawn for this purpose. Since they came from mother nature, they enjoy being back in that environment. I take them to the mountains in the summer and place them in the quiet pool of a mountain spring but be careful here, a word of caution: Mother nature is always eager to claim what is hers! Don't place them in a swift current or they may be carried away. Try to spend as much time as you can with your skulls, hold them every chance you can. The closer you get to a skull, the more it will work for you. I even sleep with a skull. I'm also the keeper of a pocket size fluorite skull that I use for dream work. I place the skull under my pillow at night and it has produced fantastic results. In closing, I would like to say: If you ever have the good fortune of becoming a keeper of the skulls, only use their power to do good will and thank GOD every day for this wonderful tool he has provided!

May God Bless.........
Rick (SKULLY), Pennsylvania, U.S.A
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The Photo Gallery of Crystal Skulls
The following items are for information purposes only and are not for sale.

As I always tell people, one can never have too many skulls.  Like I stated in the article I wrote, my skulls do bring me a lot of enjoyment.  Seems like it's always the mysterious but simple things in life that will do that for people.  Love is in and from the earth and the sooner people realize
that fact, the better off they will be.  The carver that carved Kan Ban also carved another rainbow fluorite skull that I hear crystal workers
have been working with.  This skull it has been told to me can heal people from great distances.  Kan Ban was the first skull to come to me
and has a very loving energy as does Halo, the rose quartz skull.  I never thought Halo would come to me.  It was a shock and also a pleasant
surprise.  Halo was featured on a web site but never up for sale.  One day the keeper contacted me and ask me if I would be interested in being
her next keeper.  I was thrilled and jumped at the chance.  She is very unique and has a white halo that runs completely around the crown of her

  Halo- 10 pound Rose Quartz Skull from Brazil

  Kan Ban - 8 pound Rainbow Fluorite Skull from China

Sonya -  Palm size Clear Quartz Skull from Brazil.

  Bandit -Palm size Rootbeer Fluorite Skull from China

  Tigra - Palm size Tiger Eye Skull from China

Sunshine - AAA Optical Quality Clear Quartz Skull -Brazil

Darth- Hematite Skull - China

  Orion  - Palm size Labradorite Skull  - China

Thank-you for your interest !

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