Scientific Name: Silicon Dioxide, SiO2

Scientific Properties:
The colour of Herkimer Diamond  is clear and colourless although some Amethyst Herkimers are available, as well as Herkimers with inclusions of other minerals such as black anthraxolite. The hardness scale is: 8, which is 1 degree harder than clear quartz crystal.  Herkimer Diamond grows mainly near Herkimer, New York, U.S in a soft airy matrix of limy sediment with dolomite, the host rock .  Herkimers look like little diamonds tucked into small caves in a grey spongey rock ! Herkimers are naturally faceted, have two natural termination points and eighteen faces. This crystal is mainly used in the manufacture of jewelry.

Healing Properties:
Herkimer Diamond is a tool for storing and locking in energy, and for expanding consciousness. Herkimers help to increase creative thinking and imagination. I call them Friends of Light because of their incredible brilliant sparkle under lights and their energy companionship. Herkimer Diamond  is a very high energy crystal that holds a significant amount of energy  and can hold structures in place. These gems provide a sacred geometric structural attunement that has the ability to re-align other structures that aren't so perfect ! For that reason, Herkimer is a compliment to just about any healing practise, to the pursuit of personal goals and to any meditation. It locks energy patterns into perfect geometric harmony. So if you are planning to build something like a bridge (literally or figuratively), trying to blend ideas or formulas, trying to regulate some imbalance in your body, or are just trying to sort out life in general, Herkimer is able to hold the energy for you as a support tool. They are also used to enhance the vision and clarity of dreams. A Herkimer Diamond has such perky energy, it is often use to provide cheerfulness to gloomy people and to deflect negative energy from people who are weak willed.

As an energy companion, Herkimers relate to the expansion of cosmic consciousness. They modulate a very high frequency vibration that retrieves telepathic messages from afar. Its like having your own two-way satellite communications hub.  It is this highly refined energy of Herkimers that provide protection from harmful forms of radiation, allowing you to carry out your spiritual mission without interference.

Selecting Herkimers for Healing
In selecting Herkimers for healing, even the smallest can pack in a huge amount of energy if it is perfectly clear and stores a good energy signature for harmonizing energy structures. Large Herkimers often have "concussion", inclusions and other attributes which may be unfavourable for more refined energy work. If you place a few in your hand and roll them around back and forth under an intense light, you will see that a few of them will sparkle with greater brilliance than others, just like diamonds. As you become aware of the light refracted while rolling them around, you will easily be able to remove the dull Herkimers from your hand until you are left with the most brilliant.

Suggested Uses for Healing:
Herkimers can feel quite intense, leaving you a bit dizzy ot disoriented if you are hyper-sensitive. Some additional grounding  or anchoring would be helpful, such as matching the Herkimer in size with a dark coloured crystal such as black onxy or smokey quartz or black tourmaline. Use the Herkimer and anchoring crystal together. You may need to work up to wearing this type of energy. Start slowly and as you integrate these higher vibrations you will be able to extend the length of time you wear them. Increase the effects of crystal healing by placing one in with other crystals in your medicine pouch.

Herkimers are also used to balance polarity between any two things, such as the energy between chakras, to achieve balance between work and home, and for inner ear infections to balance between the ears.  Herkimers are especially good for vertigo, and to balance the left and right brain hemispheres or any thing with yin/yang properties.

Use the Herkimer Diamond gem elixir (available from Light Mountain, Toronto, Canada or make your own) to stabilize, harmonize and fortify homeopathic formulas and other gem potencies.The gem elixir will provide an increase of beneficial homeopathic properties. Gem elixirs provide a reliable, stable dosage of vibrational crystal energy.

The larger Herkimers are best for anchoring energy grid work, for balancing Feng Shui  or to place in each hand when doing a crystal layout on a person. Stand a large Herkimer up in a bowl of sand and put it in the centre of your home to balance the yin/yang energies and to provide positive feng shui influences.

Glue or tape a Herkimer Diamond onto a headband to enhance telepathy and increase responsiveness when reading Tarot cards or meditating.

Herkimer Diamonds are used in advanced crystal work to mend etheric bodies and planetary energy networks. Consult with Karen Ryan about classes that teach these techniques.

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