Scientific Name: Strontium sulfate  Also known as Celestine, from the latin caelestis, "of the sky", alluding to the mineral's pale sky blue colour.Click here for beautiful detailed photos of Celestite from the Middle Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society.

Scientific Properties:
Colour is often light-blue or white, colourless. Lustre is vitreous, pearly and is translucent. The hardness scale: 3 - 3 1/2. This crystal grown in clusters and is brittle and factures unevenly. It may fade if exposed to direct sunlight. It has natural termination points. Some peices are like wands, wide, slender and transparent. Others are quite opaque. Celestite is found around Lake Erie, California, Mexico. A nodule form is found in India and Madagascar. This mineral is used in the manufacture of caustic soda, special glasses and for the colour red in flares and fireworks.

Healing Properties:
Celestite is a subtle expander of consciousness. It provides the energy to co-create with celestial realms. Celestite provides openness and expansion of one's consciousnesss, lifting the boundaries of awareness to greater expansion, giving one the ability to articluate messages from the higher realms.The result will be more spontaneous understanding of higher spiritual aspirations. Celestite acts as a companion in endevours of spiritual expansion. It is a bringer of peace and serentity to mental activity. It facilitates the opening of chakras between the Throat and the Crown. Celestite's blue ray stabilizes the opening and functioning of the Third Eye. This crystal helps develop and highten telepathic abilities.
Despite the appearance of delicacy, Celestite provides grounding and rational assessment of lofty visions. It lets you speak authentically about spiritual matters.Celestite encourages you to maintain a positive attitude by reducing the tendency of self-destruction, promotting self-love in dark corners of one's being. Celestite is said to be good to help those who fear heights (air travel, mountain hiking) and to those with digestive disorders.

Selecting Celestite for Healing  ** New Section**
As Celestite often comes in nodules or geodes, try getting a "cave" of  Celestite. That is, a bowl-shaped specimen where the colour is strongly blue and the termination points are well formed and not broken. The bowl-shape captures energy, runs it into the crystal and purifies the energy before sending it back to the user. For small peices, tape them onto a larger clear quartz crystal and aim the crystal into the 4, 5,  6, or 7th chakras. Smaller peices can be taped directly to the 3rd Eye (see below). If you are fortunate to have a completely spherical or egg-shaped Celestite, you will be in for an amazing journey of consciousness and ascension.

Suggested Uses for Healing:
As Celestite is a very subtle energy crystal, using this crystal for several weeks or months is not unexpected. Results may vary, of course. For physical ailments or mental conditioning, try using a gem elixir (available from Light Mountain, Toronto, Canada). Gem elixirs usually provide a reliable, stable dosage of vibrational crystal energy. For fortifying telepathic and celestial attunement, tape a small transparent piece of Celestite at your Third Eye with surgical tape for use every night while sleeping. Wear a larger piece in a pouch between your Heart and Throat Chakra for day-time attuning. As Celestite is very brittle, it is not often used in jewelry pieces. To increase the benefits, obtain a large nodule, about 4" or larger in diameter and sleep with it next to your head or near your Crown Chakra. The experience of Celestite will be quite intensified and  is cummulative over a period of time. The only trick to working with this crystal is the amount of exposure you get, sort of like building up a good tan. It takes time.

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